David Bedford Book ‘The Country of Liverpool’ Picks Up Glowing Reviews

The Country of Liverpool
The Country of Liverpool

We’d like to thank everyone who has picked up a copy of The Country of Liverpool, the latest book from Liverpool historian David Bedford which explores the country music heritage of Liverpool, UK, which has thrived from the 1950s to the present day.

David Bedford has recently been promoting the book with appearances on a number of podcasts, including the Tuddle Daily show. It seems that the book is picking up traction, with an increasing number of positive reviews cropping up all over the internet.

We though we’d share this one from Paul J. Clinton of Detroit, who had some very kind words to say about the book:

“The Beatles “Country” is not always what you might think… it’s not only just England.  Their other real “Country” is known by just a few.  David Bedford’s new book “The Country of Liverpool” is a ground-breaking perspective on the Beatles roots from the Liverpool Country music scene and the influence on it from the iconic American Nashville sound. 

“His new, impeccable research and writing has uncovered vast and somewhat unknown influences from Liverpool’s “County” scene on the Beatles and other Merseyside groups, from the ’50 & ‘60s Phil Brady and the Ranchers the Hillsiders including today’s up and coming Liverpool county stars including Dominic Halpin (more about him, his projects and many others, too in this brilliant book). 

“If you love country music history (from anywhere in the world including the U.K.), and the Beatles you will love this book!” 

High praise indeed, thank you so much Paul!

‘The Country of Liverpool’ by David Bedford: pick up your copy today

Want to find out more about the rich country music heritage of Liverpool? You can pick up a copy of The Country of Liverpool by visiting the Beatles Bookstore. Keep a look out for the documentary film version of the book, which is scheduled for release later this year! You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.

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