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The Country of Liverpool
The Country of Liverpool

Why Make the Film?

During the ‘60s, Liverpool produced a number of country groups and artists who went on to achieve international fame. Both The Hillsiders and Phil Brady and the Ranchers became #1 country acts in the UK, made several hit records, visiting Nashville and touring with the biggest names in country music, like Buck Owens, Slim Whitman, Willie Nelson and many more. Exclusive interviews with Kenny Johnson (The Hillsiders), Phil Brady and others reveal the story of the country scene in Liverpool, especially how both country acts and Merseybeat groups would share the stage.

This story needs to be told.

Exploring the “Nashville of The North”

Seeking out the tales behind this previously untold story is Dominic Halpin, whose hit show, A Country Night in Nashville, has been selling out theatres across the UK for the last three years. Halpin has also recorded an original album, 4000 Miles, in Nashville, with its roots firmly in country and rockabilly music.

Dominic Halpin – A Country Night in Nashville

Dominic will be meeting the people of Liverpool and discovering the incredible stories in the “Nashville of the North”.   

Who Is Making The Film?

The director of the National Film Award-nominated “Looking for Lennon”, Roger Appleton, will also be directing this film, together with David Bedford, who was the historian and Associate Producer for “Looking for Lennon”.

Trailer for Looking for Lennon

Brightmoon Media

Brightmoon Media has been producing films for a decade and the owner and director, Roger Appleton, has been making films for over twenty years with in excess of thirty broadcast credits to his name and more recently two major feature documentaries that have been sold world wide.

Roger has been making films for over 20 years. From pop videos to TV documentaries and shorts through to factual feature length film production, Roger has experience as a director, producer and can shoot and edit .

​His extensive journalistic experience in making factual programmes means he has a wide range of skills in getting the best out of all sorts of contributors, including internationally successful musicians and actors, high profile politicians, artists, and cultural commentators. Roger has had great success interviewing people who are particularly vulnerable such as the elderly and socially excluded. Give him folk to extract a story from and he’s happy.

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